Friday – My Day

haaa.. kan dah. i complained.. and now i got what i wanted.

right after i posted the previous post. i activated my sit-straight-sleep skill. like i always do right before lunch break everyday. hehe. and i dreamed that my big boss gave us the rest the day off. i was like ‘Yeargh!’ and i woke up from my slumber. gyahahahaha! demmit. there was no one around in the office. all went out for their break already. it was 1.15pm anyway..

in case anyone dont know.. we have like 2-and-a-half hour lunch break every Friday. Malaysia is a Muslim country that adopts the Gregorian calendar as our calendar. instead of using Hijiri Calendar that most Arab country used (and set Friday as their weekend). so. we used the Gregorian Calendar that sets Saturday and Sunday as our weekend. but we Muslims men still need to perform our Friday prayer from 1.30pm till 2.30pm.. so we’re given the extra break time to perform our prayers. while the women used this 2-and-a-half hour break for their shopping spree. the break hour usually starts from 12.00pm until 2.30pm or 3.00pm. i know.. its great right?

so it was 1.15pm and i went out for the Solat Jumaat. where i see Malay infidels (confessing to be Muslims) that dont want to perform their Friday prayers. but that’s normal i guess.. it happens all around the world. and then later when some other Infidels tried to make fun of Islam. these guys would be the first to bark back at the Infidels like they love Islam more than the true Muslims. this is how i see things: if u dont perform the your solat.. then you dont love Islam. that’s all.

later after prayer. i had my lunch at Subway. and bought myself 2 litres of mineral water from Sogo. cost me only RM2.. nice.

saw a miracle (not really.. but thats how i see it.. not gonna elaborate on this)

and im back at the office.. 3 minutes after 3.00pm.. i got 3 messages.. hehehehe.. made my day. nooo.. its not from a girl..
they were Football friendly match invitations.. yess… yesss!! havnt been playing for 3 weeks now.. aaahhh! i missed it.. i wanna play football noowwww!!! gyahahahaha! a match tonight.. a match tomorrow morning.. and another this coming Wednesday.. aaaahhh! that’s a good life i tell you…

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I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and.. im single.. I'm left-handed..

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