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Malas! Malas nak cerita pasal Jakarta

serius malas aku nak cerita pasal Trip gi Jakarta.. lagi2 nak cerita pasal event kat sane.. kenduri kawen sedara aku. pasal bas. pasal trefik jem. pasal adat. pasal pemikiran. pasal naik Puncak. pasal taman bunga. pasal makan. pasal penat. pikir pasal sume tuh pun dah penat. inikan pulak nak cerita pasal mende alah sume tu. tu tak termasuk nak upload gambar2 yg aku amik lagi. haish! serius malas. sedare aku yg sorang nih dah start bukak cerita dah. haha. ade sesape berminat nak bace pasal Trip gi Jakarta. bace dari blog sedare aku nih je la. dia baru update day 1 je pun. hehe

————————- cerita lain———————————-

oh! aku dah dapat no.tepon dia. tapi sekarang aku nak buat ape?????!!!!
aku tak tau nak cakap ape. nak sms ape?? aaarrgghhhh!!!


Its about something more..

its not about being positive.. but it is about believing.

i always thought that hujan itu satu nikmat. walau terjadi banjir besar sampai beribu2 orang mati. semua yg datang dari Allah itu baik atau buruk. semuanya adalah nikmat Allah.
say kamu terkene minyak panas mase masak. then itulah satu nikmat kalau kamu boleh terasa sakit. walaupun kamu tak suke rasa sakit.

its never about being positive.. its about being Islam..


that is why.. for more than 10 years now.. i never ran from any rain (unless i have a meeting or an interview lah.. takkan nak jumpe interviewer basah-basah?). i walk through it, no matter how heavy it gets, and ponder of what rain can bring to this world.. and that im happy that i always forget to bring my umbrella..

Happens week

happening.. that it is.

last weekend. aku pegi tengok muvi Cloud Atlas. well.. i think its okay lah kot. it’s a sci-fi connecting history till the future. kinda feel like a love story but with a twist of everything that u dont realize that it’s actually a love story until the movie ended. the movie passed on a message “love connects us all” or something like that.
in which in the movie you can watch Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving acted as different characters in different time between the year 1900s until 2500 (or year 3000 i think).. i especially liked it when other people dont realized Hugo Weaving acted as a female nurse in one of the time lapse.. its funny. i would never imagined he could do that.. lol.

other than that. i joined the second #KeretapiSarong event. its a bit gloomy this time. but heck. i did get to add some friends in facebook. some beautiful friends that is. hehe.

aside from that. i see a lot of japanese tourist coming to KL recently. mostly school childrens. wearing their japanese school uniforms. here’s the good part. if you like to read manga about japanese school life. note that they have cute girls in it, and then there are some good looking foreign transfer students in the manga, and handsome boys, bald boys.. and every bit of everything in a class.. i guess i know now.. THAT IT IS ALL TRUE… those japanese girls were really cute. and busty. aku tetibe ingat hentai. demn. lol..

oh.. my mom returned home last Tuesday from Saudi. she flipped when she saw my hair. i went to a hair salon 3 weeks before to do hair rebonding. hehe. some stuffs happened in Saudi. but im not gonna elaborate anything on that. malas.

and then we’re going to Jakarta tomorrow for my cousin’s wedding. gile ar kawin org Jekarta. well. rezeki dia lah. we’ll be going there for 5 days. 2 days of wedding and 3 days of jalan2. havent decided where to go yet.

then next week. its my mom’s birthday and at the same day.. my brother is going to fly to Jubail, Saudi to start his new job.. gile ar. yeah. its the same city where my dad works.. but in a different company. gaji dia masyuk la. demn. i gotta find a work that suits me.. fast. my light is fading every day as a programmer. i wanna do something else.. that is fun. and rewarding for me.

the last thing is about the Sabah stand off. aduh. mane datang la derang nih tetibe nak invade Sabah. nak reclaim balik sejarah. what te fak?? i’ve read the history.. i’ve seen some documentaries.. and i highly recommend that we drive these Sulu people out of our country.. they will bring plagues and sickness into Malaysia. i dont mean like.. virus or anything.. i mean, their life styles and all. they are barbaric and only settle problems with guns and bombs.. what te fak!!! and they call themselves Muslims?? if i can compare them.. i’d say.. they’re equivalent to Somalia.. raiding, gunning people if they dont like ’em.. we must get rid of these pests.. else they will bring destruction to Sabah.. and maybe in the future. Malaysia as well.

i’ve been thinking. a theory lah. maybe the word Sulu came from the word Sulaiman.. people of the Solomon Islands.. barbaric and cannibals of the Soloman Islands.. tapi cam Soloman Island tuh jauh gile kot.. sebelah Papua New Guinea tuh. so my theory goes like this.. in the journey to spread Islam, Solomon journeyed to the Solomon Islands and used the route from Sabah and Southern Philippines.. meninggalkan orang2 suruhan (atau org2 yg diIslamkan) Nabi Sulaiman.. yg lame2 malas untuk sebut Sulaiman panjang2.. so dia pendekkan ke Sulu je.. Wallahualam.
cam tak munasabah pun ade jugak teori aku nih.. wahahaha! its funny coz i said ‘sabah’ in ‘munasabah’..

HeadPhone murahan.. sial!!

ape fuck la. dalam masa 6 bulan.. aku dah beli 3 headphone.. sumenye rosak dalam masa sebulan. serius tak puas ati aku. masa aku nak beli.. dia janji wayar takkan putus. bile sebulan je aku pakai, either headphone kiri atau kanan mesti hilang sound. ni aku marah ni.. tak kisah la pasal aku beli yg murah.. kalau beli murah pun.. at least boleh tahan 6 bulan ke setahun.. ini tidak.. sebulan je?? HARAM tul. melampau nak mampus.

abis tu? aku nak kene beli yg original pulak?
yg Mac City nih pun lagi seko. dulu aku beli headphone yg original.. so dalam masa 2 tahun.. getah yg selaput earphone tu haus.. tertanggal.. so aku nak beli la earpiece baru.. tapi derang tak jual. derang jual whole earphone je. so aku kene beli new earphone instead of ganti earpiece aku. mmg aku tak beli la menatang earphone mahal nak mampus tuh..

so aku beli la yg murah2 nye.. sekali rosak tak sampai sebulan.. aku paham la earphone murah tak tahan sebulan.. dua kali kene, aku dah menyirap jugak.. tapi mungkin brand tak dikenali. MUNGKIN. dan lastly.. bulan lepas aku beli headphone SONIC GEAR dari KEDAI yg penuh brand SONIC GEAR.. dia kata headphone aku nih tade warranty. agak suspicious. tapi memandangkan brand SONIC GEAR. murah2 pun at least tahan setahun-dua. tup tup. baru kejap tadi aku pakai.. tak tarik wayar, tak toleh kiri kanan.. tetibe earpiece belah kanan terus senyap. BABI hape??!!!

marah la aku nih.. haram betul. dah sekarang aku dah fobia nak beli headphone murah.. nak beli yg mahal pulak sekarang tgh tade duit.. nanti aku carik la kedai repair. serius frust nak mampus..