The Blessed Month

Ramadhan reappeared. Alhamdulillah. you know what happens in Ramadhan. no need to re-iterate.


Pacifim Rim also appeared. haha. semalam aku gi tengok. best. memang best. walaupun lakonan dia tak berapa best. tapi bagi aku graphic robot lawan monsters adelah terbaik bersama soundtrack yang power. mungkin lebih best kalau tade lakonan.. just lawan monster dari awal sampai abis. lol. i was so hoping that they created a samurai sword instead of built-in hidden arthurian swords behind the wrists. but well. ade jugak lah pedang.


mom came back from Saudi. Ayah decided to extend his contract keje kat Saudi. alasan: “sebab aku tak kawin lagi.” whaaat? how is this my fault? aduih! 


malam ni bukak pose ngn rakan2. kalau derang free lah. tengok lah. ingatkan nak makan sushi. tapi elfi pulak tanak. tengok lah makan ape nanti.


havent paid any bills lately.. malas gile!

About ururu5

I practice Islam, total One Piece fan.. and L'Arc-en-Ciel.. and Arsenal.. and PAS.. and.. im single.. or am i? N.E.S. tolong confirm kan.. I'm left-handed..

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