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pandai betul Diana Amir nih.. Tahniah atas pernikahan beliau dan suami.

InsyaAllah. dia telah memulakan trend baru dengan cara yang betul untuk anak2 muda sekarang untuk kawen. tak payah buat hantaran banyak2. tak payah grand2. cukup sekadar satu dua perkara.

a new trend setter. bagi budak2 muda sedar. bagi mak bapak yg tradisional, bagi derang sedar! tak payah membazir la nak buat kenduri kawen grand2. buat hape? nak tunjuk sumorang yg derang ni mampu? padehal berhutang ngn bank sume. mampu mende camtu?


A visit to Maghribi

masa Raya Haji lepas. aku pegi Maghribi. also known as Morocco nowadays. went there with my family and my dad’s friend’s family. Pak Cik Setu..
seminggu aku kat sana. bole tahan la, unik, different. the locals there master two languages, Arabic and French. not so many with English. so I had trouble communicating. but not my dad and his friend though. yeah. my dad can speak Arabic. awesome.

1 night in Casablanca where we visited the Hassan Sani (Hassan II) Mosque, 7th largest mosque in the world. By God, it’s big. and stroll along the Corniche
another night in Rabat where we visited PakCik Jamal, dua pupu kitorang yg jadi Malaysian Ambassador in Morocco. pleased to be served Malaysian food after 2 days of Tajine. bweh!.. lol. PakCik Jamal bawak kitorang jalan2 naik krete Diplomat.. visited a great Souk(a market place) in Rabat.
then 2 nights in Marrakesh. went there by train.. it was horribly hot in the train even when it was cold outside.. visit buncha places.. the famous Jemaa El Fna, and some monuments.. Spice market. We were supposed to celebrate our Raya Haji here. but i got sick and my family cant find the mosque for Solat Sunnah Aidil Adha. bad tip from a local. the mosque was closed.
then 2 more nights back in Casablanca where we spent the 2nd day in Morocco Mall and strolling along the Corniche again. then searched for coffee houses. not much fun when i was still sick when we got to Casablanca.

this is what i wanted to blog about. about me getting sick in Marrakesh. and my dad’s super power. lol. well. not super power. anyone can do it if they know what and how to do it. but yeah. it felt like my dad had this super power. lol.
The first day we arrived in Marrakesh. i slept in early that evening and woke up at 2am next morning. then something felt strange. something was playing with my bed. and it aint my brother that was sleeping on the bed next to me. so i decided to enchant the Kursi 3-4 times. and pppooofff! the bed stopped moving around. Alhamdulillah. and that’s when this ill feeling came to me. i stayed up all night with a heavy headache and heavy gasses in my gut.. lol. i burped non-stop, my stomach growled and i farted that night. my joints were aching like crazy. i cant move without these misrable feelings of pain. when Subuh came.. I felt it getting worse. my family left me in my room and went out for Solat Sunnah Aidiladha (in which they didnt had the chance actually.. lol). i stayed in bed until the time to check-out of the hotel.
after checking out, we were waiting for our taxi. that’s when i told my dad what happened last night. so Ayah told me “to give it to him”.. yes, i’ve heard of this from my mom. ayah did this sometimes when my mom got sick. mom said the illness went away, but because Ayah pulled it into him. so Ayah contracted the illness to himself.
so Ayah said to me to come and hug him. we hugged and he was mumbling the whole time (later i asked him about it and he said dia baca ayat Kursi).. by Allah. when Ayah said “Now! give it to me”, i felt something was trying to get out of me. i felt it. my headache was lightened. but somehow i realized I cannot give this illness to Ayah.. and i thought hard “Do not go! do not Go!.. no way u’re going into Ayah” and we released each other. By Allah, i would not burden my father anymore than i already had. but i knew Ayah pulled some from me.. because my headache was gone when we un-hug.

how’s that for an experience? that’s the first time i felt it. but now i know why Ayah would hug me when i fell sick when i was little..

so now i know, u may get sick just from walking too far behind your family. u may also get sick when coming back from office or school or even class. not because of viruses or bacteria. but from djins following/tormenting you when u dont even know it. it is not necessarily because of sihir. not necessarily because of someone feeling hasad (dengki) to us. but we live in the same world with them. and they may want to tease us. and always remember. “sebaik-baik jin itu adalah sejahat-jahat manusia” literally means, the worse of humankind is the softest of the djins. meaning, no matter how bad you are as a human, it is merely, the least of badness for the djins (makes you wonder how really bad can they be?). may Allah guide us. and may we prevail in His test. and makes we wonder the power of Kursi. baca dan paham isi kandungannye.

i repeated Kursi for the whole day and never fell sick again that day. Alhamdulillah.