The Origin of Fire and Earth..

I like exploring Google Maps. and if you ever explore the Earth map, you’ll notice that there are “melted overflows”(as i say it.. haha.. dont know the term for it) region, geographical view on Asian continent. namely in the China region. there are these regions that looks like they melted away from the Himalayan mountains.
i’ve watched National Geographic once about the creation of Earth. they said that Earth was formed after 2 planet collided. one of the planet split-ed into two. 1 part combined with the other planet, forming Earth. and the other part became the, now so called Moon.

and with that, my theory of the “melted overflow” region might have been because of this event. that the melted region was once the ‘Moon’ planet. also forming South East Asia. but there is another question, how te heck did it melt? why did it melt? why not just break apart?

below is the screenshot of what i’m trying to say. focus IN the red line (click to enlarge)

Melted -Overflow

and recently i found a hadith (well actually i’ve heard of this 15 years ago) about the origin of Fire on Earth, i dont know if its hadith sohih or not. but you can read it here. (sorry its not in english tho)

Dari sebuah hadis ada diceritakan Allah SWT telah menghantar malaikat Jibrail bertemu malaikat Malik untuk mengambil api darinya bagi kegunaan Adam a.s untuk memasak. Malaikat Malik pun bertanya “Wahai Jibrail ! berapa banyakkah yang kamu mahu ? ” Sebesar buah tamar, jawab Jibrail. Kata Malik tahukah kamu, kalau aku berikan api neraka sebesar yang kamu mahu pasti akan hancur lebur tujuh petala langit dan bumi kerana kepanasan.”

Kalau begitu separuh buah tamar, kata Jibrail. Jawab Malik, “Kalau separuh darinya nescaya langit tidak dapat menurunkan hujan walaupun setitik kebumi dan segala tanaman akan musnah.” Malaikat Jibrail lalu memohon pertolongan dari Allah SWT untuk mengetahui jumlah yang betul. Allah SWT lalu berfirman, “Ambillah sebesar biji sawi.”. Pergilah Jibrail mendapatkan api itu kemudiannya api itu dibasuh dahulu dengan 70 buah sungai disyurga. Setelah itu ianya dibawa kepada Adam a.s dan diletakkan di atas puncak gunung yang tinggi. Tiba-tiba cairlah gunung dan tinggalah hanya sedikit maka api itulah yang digunakan hingga sekarang.

actually, the one i’ve read/heard before was that.. our fire today is just but a little spark that flew away from the melted mountain.

Jibril put the ‘washed’ Hell fire on top of the largest/highest mountain (maybe the ‘moon’ planet was sticking out of Earth too much, it looked like the highest mountain).. and so the mountain melted. and wallah.. Only the Himalayan mountain were left, South East Asia was formed. and just because Adam a.s. wanted some warmth or wanted to cook his meal.

explains why the Gobi desert is so dead. explains why the Middle East is so full of sand. explains even the map. does it not?



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