Monthly Archives: June 2014


read line by line, in monotone. like Siri

Im in the office.
In Accra, Ghana.
A new one from my last visit here.
Well one level higher from my last office.
Haha. T_T

Im here for my second trip. The walkthrough phase after the first cut-over.
Im scheduled (well, at least i was in the planned schedule) to give presentation and training of the developed system next week.
But now im not sure if i’ll be able to pull anything off. So Elvin might just have to present this alone.
Gyahahahaha. So (i hope) i’m here just for preparation and finish testing all the test cases.
That’ll be just….. super.

Its Tuesday noon in Accra, we arrived here Sunday noon.
I havent been able to shake off this jet lag.
Its 10pm now in Malaysia.

We just finished our lunch in the office.
the room is very small.
Well, it is a meeting room.
And my colleagues of 12 people and I have to share this meeting room meant to cater 10 person.
And the air conditioner is busted.
Demmit. Its freaking hot and humid and it sucks.
I hope i can be back in Malaysia soon. But alas, that would not be the case for me.
Because i’ll be spending the next 25 days here.