Monthly Archives: September 2014


wow. this sucks! and some what.. an eye opener.

i’ve been really lazy. i havent opened my blog for quite some time now. why? all because i went and buy the iPhone5. gyahahahaha! been spending my time with it everyday. loser.

today. im restless, and quite thankful for it. i accidentally left my iPhone back at home today. for the first time, i went out of the house without my iPhone. this makes me restless to the core. demmit. what if someone WhatsApp me? what if i have some important calls coming in? what am i going to do every minute? well.. the bad thing about having a smartphone is that, i constantly, reflexively, look down on my phone screen every minute. trying to be aware of the game im currently playing. damn! real time Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. and then there’s that Subway Surfers game.. and some others. argh! im restless..

so to kill this restless feeling. i opened my blog. harharhar.. and start writing about it. here.

been doing pretty okay lately. after the Ghana project. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki. except that i dont know what to do with it. i just leave it there in the bank, accumulating dividends. i thought of travelling, but so far i only managed to book myself a trip to Singapore in 2 weeks time. i have list of all things i wanted yet im afraid to spend on the things i wanted. why? i wonder?

aah! i wonder if i’ll go back home this afternoon before our Friday prayer to fetch my phone. im restless.. but im feeling kinda relaxed.. resting in restlessness. maybe i need it. you know, breaking my weekdays routines.


i wonder if i can ever commit. adeh!!! why am i like this? do i like her or not? what am i looking for actually?.. aahh!!