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Symbol of Islam?

The star and the moon are not symbols of Islam. There are no physical symbols that represent Islam. None. Muslim created the symbol of the star and the moon, just to differentiate between other religions, which also they said to represents their religion (“Islam”) long before Muhammad SAW came to us. The star and the moon represents, Allah owns the universe.
The only true symbols of Islam is the Syahadah.. we believed, we understood the meaning, we witnessed ourselves that Allah is the only One, and Muhammad is His prophet.
Anyone can destroy the symbols of the stars and moon. But can anyone destroy your belief? Can anyone destroy your Syahadah??
The Malays do not represent Islam. So much as the Arabs do not represent Islam. Their Syahadah does.
There are no such thing as race or ethnicity in this world except for what was created by the non-believers. We believed in Adam a.s., and if there are things like races in this world, we belong to the race of Adam.. A race from Heaven itself.
Wallahu alam