Daily Archives: 6th August, 2017

Deliberate mistake..

God.. what am i doing?
its 5.24am

i'm getting a flu infection.. slept after maghrib.. bangun after midnite and cant sleep until now.. badan dah habis berpeluh.. i'm doing something that i shouldnt be doing.. but yeah! It's freakin fun…

nah! better keep this to myself.. "if i have a secret. dont tell" lest it wont be a secret anymore..

so she knew she's a hot stuff.. ramai kot yg suke dia.. people are practically queuing to get a chance to love her.. and i just happened to skipped some line ahead by doing that mistake and confessing.. but she was already taken.

but i am getting happier.. i can see the light.. hahaha..

i still love you btw..