Daily Archives: 9th August, 2017


you know?

as much as you are now.. what would happen if you were to abandoned these relationships you're currently having? i kinda know your relationship goes beyond just an affair (i really hope that i'm mistaken about this).. and then, you kept that 'other' relationship as though it doesn't matter when you get that affair finalized.

now i kinda realized why you said that maybe you can't handle things when i decided to approach for discussion..
damn you for being this way.. and damn me for not actually seeing and being late!!!!! Argh! damn me!

in a way, it must have been a good thing.. for me, at least.. that things end up as it is right now. i was searching for that opportunity, to finally be able to stand up under the pressure of a distraction. somehow, i found the motivation to forego my long time ambition.

yeah! i gotta admit, you're the one who triggered this motivation.. as much as i hoped that it was actually from me.. or rather maybe from a holy realization.. well, in a way.. i guess, it is a divine intervention..
i do admit it because my niat was set upon you to be by my side. but alas, though not yet, i think my niat is nothing but only for naught.
but i may still be wrong.. so just let me keep this hope within me a little longer.. my reason to cling to this hope is quite justified..

now let me justify, onto a very pressing matter i guess.. haha..
if you were abandoned or to abandoned these relationships you have.. will you ever consider giving me those hope ever again? or am i just a friend that will be forgotten someday?

i will ask you this question i've held.. and i will find a way for you to answer it..