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Best Birthday Ever..

05/12/2017 09.42pm

I’m on the rooftop of the highest building in Empire City… can I say that this place is arguably might be the highest place in whole of Damansara.. I can see everything from up here.. I can even see Amcorp Mall.. hahhahahahaha!

The sky is full of clouds though.. I was hoping I could bask in the light of the SuperMoon..

But the air is clear. I can see miles ahead.

well of course i’m alone…



Adui.. aku nak spend time alone hari ni…

aku dah hide birthday aku dah.. ade je yg dapat tau…

Dah sorg dah start ajak.. aku pun kene la ajak yg lain..

pape lah

p/s: Allahummagh fir lahu warhamhu wa aa fihii wa’ fu anhu

doa utk org yg dah pergi. Jgn bace dalam hati je, bace dgn suara supaya si mati boleh dengar.. ye, org mati boleh dengar (walau kat mane-mane kite berada).. derang cuma takleh reply balik kat kite je