Monthly Archives: February 2018

I wonder what do they think of me? sincerely?

Being open minded does not mean accepting that you can manage a love story outside the boundaries of a little memory. No, having an affair means you’re close minded, not open minded at all.. more so if you’re keeping it a secret. well, it would not serve the purpose of the word ‘affair’ if it was not a secret. But yes, it does not make you an open minded person.

Being open minded meant that one is accepting things that are out of the norm. And having an affair is a normal activity a normal person had done for thousands of years.

What made me… Me? well, I simply acknowledge and will accept that by any chance (in any chance that I probably at one time, have a girlfriend) my girlfriend is having an affair, and that I dont care one bit about it. I may at any given moment be jealous if I found out that my girlfriend is having an affair with another guy. but jealousy is just a feeling.. and I will not act to disrespect my girlfriend love to another guy from my own jealousy.

People told me that I should feel hurt, that a person I love had misuse my trust towards her.

But I’ll just say it again and again.. I do not own her.. so she has all the rights to do what ever she wants with her life.. and I have no rights to say otherwise.