it’s the wrath that we felt that place limits unto our hands. The way we view things in a manner that comprehend sheer joy. Uncover the true meaning of each language of personalities. Be propelled over it. And may you have all the prayers befitted upon you.

Hummmming through the wild, staring, neglecting, sharing embezzlement, sustaining, and a bit of me. but a lot to see. average should i count not into my perspective of industrial life. industrious as a freakin’ light otaku. Me? i measure no manner upon the words to be imagined by others to see.. or even to be. I am simply all about; be called “E“.

a type of influence you should not foresee. a vanity thrust towards where i jogged everyday. I am all for the true definition of madness. it resides in me. I store it deep within me. so deep, it’ll make more than most, and most of the infinitive value to even feel, or smell.. much less can you even see. It was cast so deep, that if it were brought for a glimpse of darkness. my heart will crumble. and my will… may it not bare witness to this world ever again.

I am ururu. the sacred warrior of a world. a beast of the common suite. and my tongue knew wise of the language be heard. When the time comes, shall you endure the vicious capacity that I dug. the life of my own. the chill I produced. and may i hold the will saved by you.


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