My name shall not be heaped by what ever you foresee. my time shall be the value of none. my personality as a person shall believe that what ever the truth may be, I will twist it for more you can endeavor. I am what my name calls me. I set my foot upon this monstrosity, this land created for its holiness, to create a meaning none you may hear or feel. but you may look through my imagination and create your own for the sake of false perspectives. and you will like it. and laugh at your own thoughts. for it is alive within me. or so what you may believed it is so.

my name would be the translation of the beautiful words. my name would be defined as a servant of God. my name would sing my identity for its true meaning. for I am ‘Abdul Halim.

and I have gained so much and received so little in this 34 years of life. and none would accept.

  1. abdul halim xde ym ke abdul halim?

    • ade tapi aku cam dah lame gile babi tak bukak ym.. gtalk pun same..
      tapi kalu nak add.. add saje ym! id aku..


      ko nak ym ym ngn aku ke? so sweeettt…
      takyah berharap sgt.. aku x ske chatting.

  2. YAY! Finally my prayer has been answered! lol.

  3. doa dpt ym ko le… weih..aku bukan lah stalker pun..tp aku rasa aku jmpe fb ko…aku add leh? kalau xleh aku tak add… ^^

  4. nak delete komen mintak fb la..LOL..malu nye…wahahah…

  5. wuahahahaha! takpe.. ini akan menjadikan ko lebih tegar..

  6. camane nak follow belog nih?

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