“karma tuh ajaran Hindu tuh. tade tade.. no no.. Karma tidak wujud”. well. that’s what I wouldav said 2 years ago.

tapi sekarang aku rase karma tuh wujud jugak. cume kite takkan tau bile ianya akan terjadi kat kite. kalau ekau buat dosa.. and Tuhan decided u’re gonna be punished 2 hours later.. but decided to test you first, just 3 seconds after u did your bad deed.. and u say.. “oh! this must be karma”. so dah tentulah ini salah.. thats not karma at all.

aku pernah dengar tentang dosa kecil ‘MUNGKIN’ akan dibalas serta merta. might that be the meaning of ‘karma’ when some prophet was sent to the early hindus?.. but cemane kalau situasi yg aku cerita kat atas terjadi? ?
yg mana Allah menghantar ujian terlebih dahulu.. dan bukan balasan.. ekau sedap2 kate itu ‘karma’?

and by ‘serta merta’, can also means 20-50 years later.. because in Alam Ghaib.. 50 years on the Earth may be like 5 miliseconds there.. no.. just like the date of Kiamat.. u will not know anything about karma.. when or where it will happen to u..
only God Knows.. for He is the Most Knowing..

  1. agreed. ramai orang sibok pasal hukum karma. but the truth is, it is not about karma, itu semua hukum Allah. sibok sgt pasal karma. annoying gila.
    love this entry! 🙂

  2. kan?
    we are to believe in Qada’ and Qadar, believe in fate (decided by Allah).. so can karma really play any part in it?

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