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Noon Blackout – I felt it

somehow i feel stupid.. again.. and again…

and again..

now i cant have it…



what would i post today??

Ramadhan Benefits – Leaving Early


gaji dah masuk bersame claim yg melambak2.. rase cam orang kaye.. padehal claim tuh membalancekan void bulan lepas.. heheh!

good thing i still live with my parents..

so macam leh joli raya tahun ni.. byk nye! 1st time dpt gaji byk.. huhu!

well.. x sebanyak gaji Petronas la.. tapi banyak la bg aku.. ckup la utk bayar PTPTN.. bayar UTP.. bagi duit sket kat my parents… bukak acct ASB.. simpan sket dalam ASW2020.. hehe.. dan tengok wayang every week.. hehe! ckup ckup!

The Fourth – Sleepy

i dunno how.. but somehow i can blog again.. it seems that they have unblocked wordpress editor.. nice

today today?  what is it about today…

oh! its the 4th day of Ramadhan.. may u have a blessed al-Mubara’. and hope my love ones will have it too.  its the month i enjoyed the most. seronok.. sebab dapat tengok anak dara makcik jual karipap lagi. hehe! comel comel.. comel macam ni…

baby foxes

baby foxes

comel kan? i’ve decided i’m gonna buy one of those.. heh! .. anak makcik jual karipap tu pun comel gak.

i like to eat, but in Ramadhan.. i learn how to limit my needs towards eating.  yeah. i ate little and i drink alot.. and now i’m bloated and everytime i pray, after ruku’ or sujud.  these surge of air came out from me[ its burps okay.. not the other way round burp]..  haha!

oh.. and tarawih with my family.. we kinda dont like to drive to the masjid.. so we did solat berjemaah satu family from maghrib til witir.. lots of interaction between solat.. its fun.. all Muslims shud try this..