Monthly Archives: September 2017

It is as i thought..

there are things not shared to me anymore.. in the attempt to kononnye tanak break my heart even more..

Sebenarnye it breaks me even more when they dont trust me.. if they think i cant handle the truth..

well it shows how much they think i cant bear such a burden.. they think i am weak.. well yes.. i am weak.. that is because i am inexperience in the art of the heart.. but i think i’m recuperating quite well if i can say so..

it is as i have feared.. but biaq pi la.. aku tak rugi pun.. its just that i cant have the truth je… aaaaahhhh!!! and i long for the truth!!!! arggghhhh!!

i want to know!!!! Gimme spoilers please!!!!! hyaaaaaaaaaaarggghh!


Aku still trying.. aku taktau la kenape aku still trying.. gile susah la nak move on nih.. pejadahnye la aku nih..

Bukan kite pernah dating ke hape pun sampai aku rase camni.. nak kate ni first time pun.. tak jugak..

So hamende yg buat aku still nak rasa attach kat dia? dia pun, aku nampak berusaha kurang associate diri dia ngn aku.. (tak serapat dulu lah).. still berborak, tapi tone dia dah setakat friendly je.. haha.. dulu ade la sikit2 rase cam manje bile borak ngn dia.. (mende tu kot yg aku rindu?)

and aku still jeles bile dia tunduk bawah laptop dia bile nak berborak privately.. or mungkin dia tgh skype? Aahhh

get over it bodo..