I had this feeling… i dont know.. just a feeling, that..

World War 3 is coming..


malay logic

aku dah kira2, by malay logic yang tanak neelofa masuk neraka dgn jual tudung dekat kelab malam tu…

kalau ikut logik tu la… cerita Gantung ni sepatutnye dikecam teruk sebab tak Islamik dan mungkin menjadi ikutan budak2 muda.. yg akan lebih merosakkan masa depan bebudak muda…

tapi NOOOOOOOO.. tengok la berapa ramai sokong, yg suka dan tak amik kisah pun jalan cerita dia tu.. cam aku tak nampak pun komen “menegur” or kecam or anything lah.


iye lah.. terer benor menegur dan berdakwahnye.. dakwah kat neelofa je ke? org lain masuk neraka tak kisah dah?

Spare me that “kite kene at least tegur” bullshit.. pejadah memilih dalam menegur? you obviously dont even care..

I wonder what do they think of me? sincerely?

Being open minded does not mean accepting that you can manage a love story outside the boundaries of a little memory. No, having an affair means you’re close minded, not open minded at all.. more so if you’re keeping it a secret. well, it would not serve the purpose of the word ‘affair’ if it was not a secret. But yes, it does not make you an open minded person.

Being open minded meant that one is accepting things that are out of the norm. And having an affair is a normal activity a normal person had done for thousands of years.

What made me… Me? well, I simply acknowledge and will accept that by any chance (in any chance that I probably at one time, have a girlfriend) my girlfriend is having an affair, and that I dont care one bit about it. I may at any given moment be jealous if I found out that my girlfriend is having an affair with another guy. but jealousy is just a feeling.. and I will not act to disrespect my girlfriend love to another guy from my own jealousy.

People told me that I should feel hurt, that a person I love had misuse my trust towards her.

But I’ll just say it again and again.. I do not own her.. so she has all the rights to do what ever she wants with her life.. and I have no rights to say otherwise.

The Moon’s Soul

29th january 2018

In A380-800 flight to Tokyo. 2.50am malaysia time. I have never seen the moon more clearer, more whiter, more shinier, more beautiful.. the would be blue blood super moon in 2 days time. upon the vast sea of white clouds, she showed me a glimpse of her soul. My God, can i be more thankful for this blessing upon my own selfproclaimed misfortune. Subhanallah..

so quick for me to recite what i thought in my failure of the heart. May we be clever, and may you see your blessings, whether it be in disguise or in the natural form of all blessings.

PS: now i wished i got the window seat.. so i could steal a picture of the moon and show to the world what i saw…


aku taktau nak buat ape.

keje macam tak dapat lagi. interview tak pegi lagi.. tapi dia tanye aku macam dia dah offer kerja kat aku and aku dah accept keje yg dia offer.

adekah maknenye aku confirm dapat keje tu kalau aku pergi interview tu esok?

Best Birthday Ever..

05/12/2017 09.42pm

I’m on the rooftop of the highest building in Empire City… can I say that this place is arguably might be the highest place in whole of Damansara.. I can see everything from up here.. I can even see Amcorp Mall.. hahhahahahaha!

The sky is full of clouds though.. I was hoping I could bask in the light of the SuperMoon..

But the air is clear. I can see miles ahead.

well of course i’m alone…


Adui.. aku nak spend time alone hari ni…

aku dah hide birthday aku dah.. ade je yg dapat tau…

Dah sorg dah start ajak.. aku pun kene la ajak yg lain..

pape lah

p/s: Allahummagh fir lahu warhamhu wa aa fihii wa’ fu anhu

doa utk org yg dah pergi. Jgn bace dalam hati je, bace dgn suara supaya si mati boleh dengar.. ye, org mati boleh dengar (walau kat mane-mane kite berada).. derang cuma takleh reply balik kat kite je


Maulidurrasul is actually the same as Christmas.. no one knows the actual birth date of our Rasul.. and he wasnt even a Rasul then.. bukan lahir2 terus jadi Rasul. tapi orang nak celebrate jugak.
spare me the bullshit of we can appreciate him on this day.. I appreciate him the same any other day.. you just want your holiday.. and you’re using the Messenger’s name and unknown birth date to justify a holiday..
Whatever makes them happy lah..
and it became a public holiday pun.. so, what ever.. makes me happy jugak.. 

Old Routine

I really need to watch what I eat.. How much I should eat. I practically slept the whole evening after lunch break today.. until the end of working time..

It’s a really.. really bad habit

It is as i thought..

there are things not shared to me anymore.. in the attempt to kononnye tanak break my heart even more..

Sebenarnye it breaks me even more when they dont trust me.. if they think i cant handle the truth..

well it shows how much they think i cant bear such a burden.. they think i am weak.. well yes.. i am weak.. that is because i am inexperience in the art of the heart.. but i think i’m recuperating quite well if i can say so..

it is as i have feared.. but biaq pi la.. aku tak rugi pun.. its just that i cant have the truth je… aaaaahhhh!!! and i long for the truth!!!! arggghhhh!!

i want to know!!!! Gimme spoilers please!!!!! hyaaaaaaaaaaarggghh!