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wada’al 2011

new year’s coming in few hours.. 2011’s ending.

whew! just got back from a football friendly match in Bangi. well.. not really.. i was back like 40 minutes ago. i took the better half an hour taking a hot shower bath. damn! a hot bath after sweaty activities are the best thing one could ever had. and i ended my bath with the coolest water. demn! i went out feeling so refresh i just had to go and make myself a fresh lemon juice. lol! TERBAIK!..

it’s 10pm and i might use the entire hour to write this post. im not the kind to fret to much about new year. but yeah, i think i’m gonna write something lengthy this year. or maybe not. depends on my idea of a good post (that i’d think would make the cut to be posted).

so let me reminisce about my 2011.
i have just now realized. i was in Arab Saudi when the hour struck 12 midnight between 31 Dec 2010 and 1st Jan 2011. guess i didnt really care much about new year then. or was it because i was in a country that only celebrates Awal Muharram as New Years. hehe.

i went to Mabul for the second time. but went scuba for the first time. it was OK for me. it was a good experience. maybe a little great. but yeah. i think scuba’s not for me. i definitely had greater fun this year in Mabul compared to 2010. why te hell not? we went for snorkeling the first day in Mabul and there were these local students (chikas) that came with us on the snorkeling trip. but they were like wearing life jackets and all. getting giddy about sharks and all in front of their boyfriends (who also wore life jackets) but i was the first to jumped out off the boat… without a life jacket. hehe. bangge seh. seb bek tak lemas. kalu lemas.. mmg malu laaa.

oh! i went to Sky Diving class… eh.. was it this year or last year? tak kisah la. but i never did get a chance to sky dive because their parachutes do not cater someone with weight over 100kg and i was like 120kg. i dont know why. but i definitely work-out harder this year. and i felt like i’ve lost some pounds (just feelings tho).. and i definitely felt lighter. but whenever i went on the scaling machine.. my weight will always be 120kg.. i really hate that scale.. but i did weight myself at Fitness First and it too showed 120kg.. fook!! it’s like my weight are fixed to 120kg what ever i decide to do about myself. i remembered when i was 90kg 10 years ago.. and the same thing happened from Form 3 to Form 5.. my weight stayed 90kg what ever i did. and heck.. i could see myself changing (getting a bit thinner.. hehe) when i was in Form 4. ah! no skydiving for me this year.

oh! and i’ve recently unsubscribed my Fitness First’s Platinum membership. lets face it. i paid RM216 per month for the membership and i only went there twice a month. that’s like RM108/day. and i definitely got better exercises going for futsal every week. which only cost me RM10 at most. RM40/month…. less if futsal was cancelled in one of those weeks. so i unsubscribed Fitness First. its for the best. and i’d definite will have more savings to be spent. hehehe. my current target is an iPad2. if i got one. i wont have trouble signing into Facebook or Twitter in my office anymore. i so missed twitting in the office. oh! and a PS3.

i bought my own 32″ LCD TV to replace my dying computer monitor, which i delightfully dump when i bought my new office table. hehe. yes. i have my own office table in my room. and yes. that TV is to be my PC monitor. i know! bad ass big screen for a monitor. imagine.. your 32″ TV in a living room, as a PC monitor! definitely stretch the most out of that doujinshi.. ahahahaha! yeah! and u know what? (WHAT?!!).. the table is located beside my bed.. so whenever i feel like watching a movie. i click that movie folder on my PC.. and let the movie run on that ‘bad ass monitor’ of mine.. and i’d just tucked into my oh-so-comforting-comforter and my oh-so-soft-pillows. on my oh-so-err-my-bed.. lol.
there’s a hollow spot on the table where i decided to put my PS3. not yet… iPad2 first.

i bought a telephoto lense for my Nikon D5000. but never used it.. maybe i’ll use it tonight for the Fireworks.

ah! how can i forget the weddings!
for the first time in my life. I was ‘forced’ to be the ‘best man’ for my best friend. lol. yes. i didnt want the job. tapi Faitz kate “tade tade.. ko jadi pengapit aku. aku dah tempat kain untuk ko” lol. what te hell do i know about being a pengapit? takpe lah. dia kawan baik aku kot. takkan tanak jadi pengapit pulak. dah la aku merosakkan majlis belah pompuan ngn pakai kopiah hitam. wahahaha! i didnt know where to buy a songkok. seriously. padehal aku lalu Wisma Yakin setiap Jumaat untuk pegi semayang Jumaat. no.. seriously i didnt know. not until my brother’s wedding. mama said to buy the songkok at Wisma Yakin. lol. i never liked songkok. they held no apparent purpose. i liked my Jeans Kopiah i bought at Tropicana Life in Mid Valley, 8 years ago. but it went missing. and the last time i checked. Tropicana Life dah tak jual kopiah jeans tuh dah. seriusly.. it was the most comfortable kopiah i had ever wore. and wearing songkok (and Baju Melayu) makes me look Melayu! which is one of the thing i hated the most. and that is one of the reasons why i dont want to be a pengapit. and why i dont like mama buying or tailored a new baju raya for every Hari Raya. yes! Rasulullah said to wear new clothing on Hari Raya.. but he didnt say to wear Baju Melayu baru for Hari Raya. why cant i wear new T-shirts and new Seluar Silat?

ah! yes! one thing i like about Malay heritage is Silat. yes. i adore Silat Seni. and heck! i wear and buy New Seluar Silat every year. yes! martial arts pants are always comfy. currently im wearing one. yes. yes. i just said i hated being in malay heritage the most. but MOST is NOT ALL.. so there are some or a little that i could appreciate. and one of them is Silat. OK? Silat is one of the mighty art. i like its gracefulness… how graceful it made me look even though i have this bulky.. fat appearances. well. all that had come to past. I practiced little of the art now. most of the time. i wore seluar silat just because its comfortable. well. i think taekwondo pants or any other martial arts pants are comfy.. but they all are made of light colors. taekwondo’s uniform are white. Silat adopted the black because like the ninjas. black give stealth. yes. Malay likes stealthy looks. why? sebab Malays originally were Pelarian.
oh! didnt u know? Malays were refugees.. they were refugees from all over Asia. they took refuge in the jungle and mountains from their former states. and claimed the jungle or mountains as theirs. until one day they got a bit crowded and eventually needed a representative to offer peace to a neighboring mountain or neighbors across the straits. let say the representatives were heads of farmers or a pirate or a thieves that have control over a land.. and one day.. these heads would turn on each others and plunder the one that lost and demanded their loyalty in exchange for their lives. yes. these are the original Malays… and when their power were known from one mountain to the other..
finally, they would call themselves Kings or Sultans… and their children of their children would be named royal blood. and what they do.. is nothing but have fun while the one they should represents suffered. OH! look.. whats happening now? tell us what Sultan have the power on their states now? even the Prime Minister’s are held higher than the Sultans now.. yes! Prime Ministers or Bendahara were nothing but a slave to their Sultan once.. and now our ancestral might have come out.. and we are about to topple the royals.. out of their palaces… YES!!

ok.. dah lari sangat.. aku cerita pasal seluar silat je. so like i said. thieves and pirates liked the black color so they can do their plunders at night. it gave them stealth. no! Silat is not originally from New Zealand All Blacks. and they are not ninjas. Ninjas are assassins. it is believed Silat came from the original Asian martial arts originated from India called the Kalari Payat. they taught the basics of all basics of Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Silambam, Taekwondo and Silat.. or any other martial arts in Asia. Kalari Payat were created in warring states. they were the origin of power. only taught to those who go to war… to kill their opponents swiftly using raw power and little stamina.
so.. as i was saying again. i like black seluar silat because it hides the kotoran degil. i dont like taekwondo pants because if i spill coffee or tea on my pants.. i’d see the stains.. but not on my black seluar silat. heheheheheheheheh! and like i said. its comfy.. seluar silat is a unisex pants.. men or women can wear them. and seluar silat menutup aurat sepenuhnye! belilah seluar silat NOW! u can wear them anywhere u want. whether u go to that pizza place, or buying fish at the fish market or even when playing football (like i always do).. u can where seluar silat ANYWHERE.. and definitely it came with a bonus.. most people recognize a seluar silat. so they’ll think “oh! budak nih tau silat.. takleh kacau” or pau or gaduh or anything mischievous lah. unless they’re from another silat club and they came looking for a fight.. then u’ll have your trouble.. other than that.. takde masalah pun aku pakai seluar silat pegi One Utama minggu lepas. hehehehe!

gaji naik. obviously. setiap tahun kene la naik.

ah! dekat 2 jam aku nulis.. cis! and i havent gone through everything.. takpe lah! i’ll see you guys next year.. although we’re already in a new year last month. im gonna go and watch the fireworks now.

2011 Alhamdulillah


Travel Log – Progress

ah. aku baru delete satu draft. setelah 1 jam aku menaip. aku rase article tuh tak menarik. so aku delete. buang mase gile. demmit. aku sekarang tengah duk surf internet kat opis sebab tade keje. dan bos2 aku dah start cuti utk menghabiskan cuti2 mereka.

ini bulan.. bulan Disember. pergh. dah dekat 3 tahun aku keje kat Silverlake nih. rekod.

aku sampai opis. On iPod aku. dan surf tenet selame 6 jam berturut-turut. work hour aku adelah selame 7:30 jam. sejam aku telah abiskan utk buat draft yg tak jadi. setengah jam lagi sebelum kul 5:30pm aku akan cube buat draft yg aku rase menarik boleh post. demn! makan gaji buta sungguh. walaupun semalam Elvin dah bagi aku keje untuk test ari nih. tapi sebab dia cuti. aku pun curik tulang. tulang sape aku taktau. yg penting aku dah curik.

setelah lame aku blogwalking. aku tak habis2 jumpe blog orang yg byk travel nih. selalunye blog omputih yg byk gamba2 travel nih. sebab org melayu mmg tak mampu nak jalan sane sini melainkan ko anak orang kaya. and anak orang kaya selalunye either tak ada blog atau tak selalu update blog. lagi-lagi kalau dia dah kawen. pastuh kalau jumpe blog melayu yg suke travel pun. setakat pegi (mengikut kekerapan aku jumpe travel-blogger melayu) Singapore, Thailand, Bali, England, Korea… kalau blogger adalah seorang pelajar yg belajar di akademi Islam.. maka tambah Egypt dalam list. (ye.. aku termasuk dlm list ini)

susah ar nak jumpe blogger melayu yg dah travel gi Amerika, Argentina, Mongolia, India, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Kanada.. sebab nih negara2 yang derang nih takut nak pegi. susah nak carik makan. takut ngn diskriminasi agama. padehal yg aku tau.. orang melayu sebenarnye tak dikenali pun dalam dunia nih. macam aku pegi UAE tahun lepas. kalau jumpe omputih.. mesti derang ingat kite nih orang Filipina. melayu mesti la rase cam.. WTF Filipina? Malaysia lagi advance kot. tapi bukan sebab tuh derang tak kenal org Malaysia. tapi sebab org Malaysia mmg tak pegi tempat2 derang nih. and mostly org Malaysia yg travel adelah orang cina. so omputih tengok cina.. ingat derang dari China la. bukan dari Malaysia. lol.

aku di sini hari ini. akhirnye telah membuat keputusan. akan mengumpul duit secukupnye.. dan dalam masa 5 tahun lagi. whether aku dah kawen atau belum. aku akan mintak cuti 1-2 bulan. atau brenti keje utk 5-6 bulan untuk merealisasikan impian aku untuk travel merata dunia. dan menghidupkan hobby masa kecik aku untuk mengambil gambar-gambar ohsem dan hensem. aku sekarang dalam perancangan utk upgrade kamera dan kamera kit D5000 aku. setakat ini dah berjaya mencapai phase 3 perancangan aku.

1st Phase: beli SLR/DSLR
2nd Phase: beli Wide Angle Lense
3rd Phase: beli Telephoto Lense
4th Phase: Upgrade segala jenis kit aku ade
5th Phase: Travel

semoga sume berjalan lancar. InsyaAllah. ade 5 tahun lagi. boleh plan betul2.

ade sesape nak ikut? im serious!

and oh! tahun depan aku akan ke Istanbul dan England. Land’s End.. im coming back!

The MidNight

i dangled a bit
and i claim the day for myself
better plained from the beginning
to the end of consequences
i stare wide
and i blame my hide
its not the story that tells
but the world that sang low and slow

the day passed as mortals
but the histories are immortals
we forget not from when we were forgotten
but when the day was deliberately shoved away
by the bloom of a thousand sight
from eternal dusk
until the lingering dawn


more as it may seem to be
less as it gets thinner and slimmer
a single dot of mystery
and a curse shut from an oath
call it a contract
or maybe a compact
but the day will lie down
as the night force her way into

be it the light
be it the darkness
i set my game before you could play
i lay up and imagine through
but what i seek
was you

and you are my dream
that may come true


may you find your blessings. and may you be blessed among the blessed tonight.

the days – damn it’s snowing

if only if it were snowing right now. I know Malaysian would be thrilled if they ever get a chance to experience snowy weather. while it might be a miracle to have snow in Malaysia. i know for a fact that snowy weather deteriorates the mood. it is how i feel today.

the days set to be less and less interesting. as christmas is just around the corner. not that im complaining about the holiday. but the journey seems to be dull. at least for me that is. when christmas holiday comes. i’d be attending my best friends weddings. it’s vexing, these weddings on holidays. people should plan their weddings on weekends without public holidays. so that other people can enjoy the 3 days leave to the fullest. ah. well. not like im saying ‘i wont go to their weddings’ but more like ‘i have to go on my precious day off’.. yes. in Malaysia. we have to go to our friends weddings. unless you have good excuses for not coming to their weddings. then it is most likely that you ‘must’ go to your friends weddings. it is to show how close you are to a friend. yes.

weddings these days a very demanding. since you, as the wedding planner, are concerned about others talking behind your back. you limit the invitations on each sides of weddings. just like the kafirun. we somehow managed to adopt their wedding style into our own traditions. in which Malays look up to.. higher than anything in this country. if i dont follow Malay traditions, then im not fit to be a Malay. thank God i’m a Muslim. so it’s OK if they(the Malays) dont like me to be one of them. im content to be just a Muslim. there’s nothing special being a Malay Muslim or a Chinese Muslim or and Indian Muslim.. Eastern Muslim or Western Muslim or even a Caucasian Muslim. they tend to mix traditions and Sunnah. which is wrong… Muslims should only have al-Qur’an, Sunnah and Hadith…. well.. and the Principles of Islam, of course..
ok.. dah nyimpang cam bese..

what im trying to plague this post is about: why should there be any constraints to whom ever visits which sides of your weddings? privacy? not enuf budgets? no.. this is the problem we’ve had since people started playing with traditions. we are too dependent of the idea that we will have our wedding once in our life time. meaning, people are convinced that they wont get a divorce, they are convinced that one of them might not be dead tomorrow, they are proud beings that knows little.. not even consequences will judge their idea of a perfect wedding. so they make plans for the wedding of their life. while limiting the number of guests and throwing away what rezeki they could have saved with grandeur.

well. rezeki is not something we save anyway. we either get rezeki. or we dont get any. God determines if we get any.

alah. it’s all excuses. not that we must limit our budget. its just we wanted to spend more on the colorful dais than on services for our guests. u know. the-grander-the-wedding-is, the-more-people-look-up-to-you kinda thing. what nonsense. if it was me. i’ll invite everyone to my wedding. be it your friend that i dont know or the pakcik cina yg selalu jalan kaki turun bukit at 9am.

ah. ape aku merepek hari nih nih?
it must be this snowy feeeeelings.. its like the weather outside are geting colder and colder.. and i cant do anything outside.. i remembered, staring out of the window when the snow fell. and i thought i’d open the window a little bit so that i can play with the snow and let the chilling wind cool the room. but i realized instantly that it was a mistake. the cold.. it bit my bones. and slowly.. my mood swung away.. bit by bit.. until at one time.. the snow were not beautiful anymore.. but a hindrance.. a force i cannot overpower with my will alone. and i sat there, watching something boring on the TV. it deteriorates.

kalu ade keje sket2 pun takpe lah. ini tak buat pape langsung…. demn!

Protokol Hantu

semalam aku pegi tengok Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.. dalam cerita tuh.. US Secretary mati kene tembak kat kepala.

hari nih aku bace surat kabar Kosmo.. kate Timbalan Setiausaha Amerika lawat Perdana Menteri kat Putrajaya.. mane pergi US Secretary? mungkin betul dia mati kene tembak…

maknenye betullah kot Ghost Protocol telah terlaksana.. and Ethan Hunt sekarang tengah bertarung nyawa daripade terjatuh dari Burj al-Khalifa kat Dubai nun.. dan dalam 24 jam lagi akan ade berita kate Meteorite jatuh hempas bangunan ape tah.. tapi tuh sebenarnye Nuclear Warhead yg tak meletup.. sebab Ethan hunt saved the day.. macam bese laaaaaaaaa…

entertaining jugak MI:GP…

Monday – Biru

hmm.. sume boss2 aku ade meeting kat tempat lain. so yg tinggal dalam opis adelah lackeys je. kitorang mostly tade keje sebab keje dah siap minggu lepas. so ari nih 3 major task paling productive adelah surf internet, bace manga, and TIDO. pergh! habis productive lah dlm 3 task nih. aku ingat nak bukak task lagi satu. main game. tapi dah pukul 5. so cam lepas aku abis tulis and post article nih. kemungkinan besar dah 5.30 ptg. iaitu masa untuk balik.
macam bese. aku dtg lambat ari nih. stgh jam lambat. tapi boss tade. ape nak kisah. balik je awal. heheh. lagipun tade keje. siap Development Server down pulak lagi. mmg tade keje langsung aku ari nih. dah la aku puasa. tak kuar lunch. mmg 7 jam aku duduk atas kerusi aku nih je. 7 jam!!! WThell?? tapi selama 3 jam aku berjaya mempraktikkan skill ‘tido-duduk’ aku. ade 4 org datang kejut and tanye cemane aku leh tido duduk cenggini. aku jawab “imma fuckin genious. that’s how”. seriously aku tak jawap cenggitu. sebab aku tengah mamai baru bangun tido. demn.
balik kang aku nak amik baju dobi. pegi pasar. pastu duk umah tengok tv. kalau aku ade awek kan best. mungkin leh kuar dating ngn awek. tapi hari ni hari isenin. so most likely awek aku pun tanak kuar (kalau aku ade awek la). Hanis Zalikha.. would you be my girlfriend? i mean.. would you marry me? Nadea Sukarno ke? Anis Hafidza Makhatar ke? huk aloh! err… Anis errr… takpelah (ini biar rahsia je). ramai tul aku suke. well. bese lah loser. forever alone. suke dari jauh je.
orang selalu samekan hari isnin ngn hari penat. ini sebenarnye satu opportunity. sebab tempat2 bersosial, mall2 besar.. mesti kurang orang. hari isnin adelah hari paling bagus untuk bersosial. sebab kurang orang. takyah beratur nak makan kat Chilis. aku bajet stock makanan mesi banyak. so boleh order pape je dalam menu. waiter tak perlu kata “oh, menu nih dah habis stock hari ni”. takyah berebut beli boxer yg selesa sebab orang lain dah beli. boleh parking betul2 depan pintu mall then takyah berebut nak exit parking.
AH! bile la aku nak rajin apply keje shift nih. dapat aku cuti time weekdays.

sabtu ari tuh befday adik aku. aku masak aglio olio. adik aku masak potato cheese dia. ok lah. kenyang jugak. ade kek lebih abang aku beli tapi x abis kat umah. hari ahad pulak, Acu (adik mak aku) ajak makan kat umah dia. makan spaghetti lagi. ngn cream pekat mushroom soup. lol. ngan roasted chicken. kenyang lagi. habis diet aku. aku serius tengah mengikuti program diet yg teratur. sehinggalah weekend baru nih. habis diet aku.

hari nih aku merasa berat seperti bese. mane pernah aku rase ringan pun. heheh! walaupun aku possessed otot2 yg boleh menolong menggayakan hikmat meringankan badan. tapi hikmat meringankan badan tak semestinye membuatkan badan aku ringan. cume mungkin perubahan aero-dinamik yg terhasil dari kuasa kinetik yg terhasil dari pembahagian tenaga daripada otot2 dalam badan aku yg menyebabkan aku boleh defy gravity. hence, membuat aku menggayakan hikmat meringankan badan. ye. aku boleh terbang. u cant? u need to learn how. and fast. sebab best gile defying gravity.
ah sume tuh tak penting di kala ini. yg penting adelah aku hanye nak buang mase. ding ding ding. kan dah 5.29pm.. ok.. baik aku post article ini.


Today – Born this day

today, might be the day
today, slightly tilt my idea of a day
today, clock the time of discovery, a time of delivery
today, I claimed the world to be mine
today, I slew a sacred bond
today, I gave welcome to the sky that drew my lungs
today, drenched me with tears
today, songs and whispers were tuned in my ears
today, was the day i dreamt of nothing
today, presently saved me the ultimate pleasure
today, was a gift
today, were gifted
today, challenged me my relations
today, I braved my worthlessness
today, I played
today, I was loved
today, I embraced the darkness as the good
today, I prayed
today, numbers worth nothing, and it worth everything
today, my legs danced
today, my hands flapped
today, fire were friends
today, friends were friendly
today, games were boring
today, the TV showed something
today, I sat on chairs
today, I dined in complete signatures
today, I was spoilt
today, regret threatened me from beneath my scars
today, I felt alone
today, hunger pleased me in streaks
today, ice cream filled me
today, imagination settled between me
today, my ambition was none
today, my dreams are fulfilled
today, my dreams failed me
today, I pledged my oaths
today, I wished for nothing and i wished for something more
today, I framed my words carefully
today, I thread my ways blindly
today, I was mad
today, they were angry of me
today, I was stupid
today, I was surprisingly smart and clever
today, I failed
today, I still am happy
today, I was going to confess my love to her
today, I didnt go
today, they said I was a loser
today, I became one
today, they followed me like I was their leader
today, I caught something up the ladder
today, I was mocked and discriminated
today, I fell
today, I was raised from beneath, from under
today, I climbed higher
today, I jumped higher
today, I flew
today, I drenched myself
today, I bathed in a pool
today, I was afraid of the waves
today, I am not anymore
today, I cut my hair
today, the authorities acted more than they should towards me
today, I was blamed for my negligences
today, I fought back
today, I learned how to heal my wounds
today, I healed other wounds
today, I taught people something
today, I decided
today, I resided
today, I slept
today, I would say I liked you
today, I might say I like you
today, I said I love you
today, she rejected me
today, I bought a pen and a pencil
today, the clouds clouded my vision
today, the sky bare witness to my mortality
today, a picture sketched a different protrait of me
today, I was bald
today, I counted the lightning distance
today, I fast
today, dictates that I lived
today, I was sulking
today, the view turned lively
today, I saw shooting stars
today, no one believed my green moon story
today, I saw full moon
today, I remembered nothing
today, I pictured everything
today, might be the day

OR IS IT D-DAY (maybe it’s B-DAY instead)